Come Dine With Us

We are so glad that you stopped by to check us out.  Look around and see all the different dishes and flavors that we have to offer.  We truly have something for everyone, yes, even pineapple on pizza!  We don't judge :)  Come see us or give us a call!

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Pizza and Sticks


We use the freshest top-shelf ingredients along with premium cheeses.  We believe we have the best pizza and cheesesticks you'll ever eat, and we think you'll agree! 



Spanakopita. Spinach, feta cheese, and green onions all wrapped up in phyllo pastry goodness.  Yes, these are triangles that you can actually eat!

Salads and Sando's


Try one of our amazing salads with Ruby Acadian lettuce and fresh veggies,  or try one of our delicious Sub or Semi Sandwiches.  Heck, try'em both!

The Brews

cold beer

Who knew that you could put blue moons, fat tires, and alligators in a bottle??  Ask your server about the perfect beer to pair with your Pi!